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Happy Pride Month

“trans revolt / trans femmes”

“trans revolt / trans femmes”

Edinburgh, Scotland

“These queers kill nazis” “Hate nazis love ant…

“These queers kill nazis”

“Hate nazis love antifa”

Ljubljana, Slovenia

femmethem: @queergraffiti!!! seen in boston, m…


@queergraffiti!!! seen in boston, ma!!!

“Trans people: we are loved + we are strong”

“smash homophobia bash back!”

“smash homophobia bash back!”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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“gay ♡”

“gay ♡”

Cardiff, Wales

lorelaika: #graffiti (at Seattle, Washington)


#graffiti (at Seattle, Washington)

“gay sex 4 ever & ever”

artevielfalt: “Dios es gay” UNC, Ciudad Unive…


“Dios es gay” UNC, Ciudad Universitaria, Casa Verde

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gib-mir-liebe-ctm: TEMUCO CTM  “Dios es…



“Dios es GAY” – “god is gay”

found in Temuco, Chile

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asked 5/18

asked 5/18

hi there! I was wondering if you’d be comfortable sharing where you found that graffiti you posted recently, saying “will you be my gf / yes” (if you don’t remember, it’s / post / 160711604824 on your blog). I would love to reblog it to the tumblr queergraffiti with the location information. thank you so much in advance! (and if you respond, please do so privately.) thanks 🙂 -patrick