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What LGBT+ Looks Like is an online project focused on amplifying the voices and sharing the stories of LGBT+ youth, specifically ages 13 to 21. This project has been running since October of 2016, however we are running out of submissions! Please send in submissions, donate, or follow us on any of our social media accounts to support this project!

🔹 Website: whatlgbtlooklike.wordpress.com

📷 Instagram: instagram.com/whatlgbtlookslike

🐥 Twitter: twitter.com/whatlgbtlooks

☕️ Ko-Fi: https://t.co/BhhvugEbTm

Hey guys! Thank you so much for sharing my project. I love all of the submissions everyone has sent in so far, but I have one more request: Unfortunately, the account hasn’t been very representative of the youth of the LGBT+ community because of a huge lack of submissions from people of color. I would really love to make the project diverse and as representative as possibe, so I’d really love if you’d submit if you are a person of color in the LGBT+ community! Thank you 💖